The next litter is expected in Spring 2024.

We plan to breed puppies from our Rosie and Sir Bourbon (Bella & Jake 2020).

The puppies will inherit healthy genes from their parents and will be focused on work typical of retrievers.

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For that moment we have a list closed.

In 2022 around August we are planning 2 litters in our kennel:

One of the matings of our dogs Rosie and Jake

Second from Bella’s mating with Gryps

General information

At the end of each year, we will try to decide whether a litter will be planned for the next year and we will post this information on our website Then we will be waiting for contact from people interested in a puppy from our kennel. We prefer contact via Messenger of our Facebook page. In the next step, we are counting on personal contact, i.e. we will want to invite you to us for a walk with our dogs and a conversation. If, due to the distance, such a visit is impossible, we will be able to meet at video talks. It may take a long time from plans to reality, so we do not promise anything to future owners of our puppies, we only ask for patience. We do not keep records for puppies until the bitch is born. We make reservations after the puppies are born, choosing the people we met according to our criteria. We charge the advance only after signing the reservation agreement. Then we experience the development of puppies together on a special group created for this on FB. We give the puppies to their target homes around 8 weeks of age after signing the final contract for the sale of the dog. Then we only expect information about their health, progress in development, success in competitions or exhibitions and other achievements.