About Us

We are a home kennel that has evolved over time and that was born out of a love of race and a desire to maintain the lineage of our first Toller – Jake.

The idea of ​​establishing a kennel did not come with his purchase, although we received an “exceptional specimen”, which the breeder originally wanted to keep herself for breeding, and was born after his numerous show successes and work with him.

Its exterior and ancestral genes are so unique that it was impossible not to take advantage of it.

After some time, there was an offer of mating, but also after an excellent reproductive success and a great desire for own offspring in our home. It was a decisive factor in establishing the Ginger Flame kennel.

Numerous shows that Jake has participated in since a puppy, including international ones including Crufts 2019 and 2020, resulted in contacts with excellent breeders who helped us in our pursuit of the goal.

In 2018 Bella from Russia came to our home, and in 2020 Rosie from France.

Both bitches are different in appearance, yet both of their working parents; Our breeding goal is no longer just to maintain the Jake lineage, but most of all to maintain the excellent qualities of the breed. All this in mind: it is not difficult to give birth to a purebred dog, but it is difficult not to spoil the breed.

Numerous continuous training and already practical experience allow us to say that we already have a lot of knowledge to give birth to the world and other offspring of the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, beloved by many breeds.

All our dogs are treated as family members, we go on vacation with them, we spend many moments together, we spend most of our weekends on training and playing together, and, importantly, walks with other dogs, most often Tollers.

We invite you to read about each of our dogs in separate establishments. In addition to photos, we also present show results, sports successes and research results.